Friday, January 25, 2013


Two days ago the unveiling of VALLEY SCUMS officially went down. This is a project that was shot well over a year ago and kind of just sat on the back burner because of other things that needed to be dealt with, done, overcome, blah blah blah...I could go on forever. I just didn't finish the damn thing is what im saying. There!

This is a project that Derek Rydquist, Brandon Giffin, and myself had been thinking up for a while and we are all very glad that it is finally packaged in a way that is presentable. Between the 3 of us we have been brainstorming over the past year on future episodes and such and now that we have released this first one and it was sooooomewhat warmly received by friends and foes we plan on keeping the ball rolling.

This is something that we should have taken advantage of a while back when we had more time on our hands. But not having time isn't going to stop us! Derek and I are putting the finishing touches on the script for episode 2 right now...which mind you, was written in December of do we suck! That first incarnation is being tidied up and if all goes well we may be shooting this next episode this Sunday since it is supposed to be raining. Which means no skating for me. But that's good news for The Scums.

In skate related news. The good people at LowCard magazine have granted me some page space. I recently took a filming trip with the homies up to Santa Barbara to film for my  new skate video LYSSOPHOBIA and documented it for LowCard. We had a blast up there! Skated a bunch, and had rowdy times off the board. Weekend get aways are all I got so you gotta make the best of them. So be on the look out for my Santa Barbara article to be in issue 47 I believe.

The LYSSOPHOBIA trailer is 90% done at this point. Going to be dropping that sometime next month I hope! Busy times. PEACE!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 Top 10

What's up everyone. Haven't written in a while. Got caught up for a long while there working at home after work at the office. I mainly wanted to do up my top 10 albums of the year this time around. A lot of great stuff dropped this year but I narrowed it down to the list of the top 10 that I personally listened to the most...and will continue to listen to heavily into this new year.

Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

There is always a high level of excitement when you find out that Converge is working on a new album. There is even a higher level when you are about to give the album it's first spin. There last album was their best since Jane Doe (at least I thought), and this one had some high expectations. It may not have been quite as good as Axe To Fall, but nevertheless it was a solid release. This band can do no wrong.

Best Coast - The Only Place

Wasn't too sure what to expect with this one when I found out it was coming out. I wasn't too big on the song they chose for the "single" / first music video...but when it was actually released it was far better than I thought it was going to be. Lots of good lo-fi jams on this one. Good for lonely drives and the such. Or a sunny California day. Liked this one better than the first!

Every Time I Die - Ex Lives

I had kind of given up on this band after Gutter Phenomenon came out. Didn't pay much attention to them for years. However, when they released the first music video for this album I was very, very ready to hear the whole thing. I got into this band while I was in high school and I remember how stoked I was when I first heard Last Night In Town. Good to know they bounced back. This album makes me want to revisit the albums I never really gave a chance. Can't wait to see what they do next time around.

Crystal Castles - III

God damn! I feel like I had been waiting forever and ever for this album to come out. It did not let down. Beautifully dark, and weirdly dissonant. There's a bunch of great songs on this album that sound like they could be in a skate video. I hope that the next Crystal Castles album doesn't take as long to come out because it's hard to wait years and years! The previous release was leaps and bounds ahead of the first, and this one definitely continued the progression that was set from the first album to the second. Dying to see this band live because I have yet to!

Pig Destroyer - Book Burner

Another band that likes to make fans wait. This is one of those "quality not quantity" bands. Like Crystal Castles, they release albums with huge gaps of time between them. Felt like an eternity since Phantom Limb came out. They kind of went back to their roots a little more on this album. Super pissed. Super Aggressive. Super fast. These fuckers know what they are doing. This album will be getting many spins plays for years to come!

The Faceless - Autotheism

The homies! These fuckers have gone through some major member shuffling, but they all came together and released this gem. It's a departure from where they first began. They started to venture down the road to where they have ended up at (with this album) from the beginning. The band is still a "metal" band but they are mixing it up here. They aren't doing anything that hasn't been done before, but they are doing "this" very well. I'd be lying if I wasn't hoping for this album to be more like Planetary Duality. Either way this album was still one of my top 10 of the year! It's just plain good. Who knows what the next one is going to sound like but they haven't released the same album twice.

Whirr - Pipe Dreams

I found out about this band from my friend Robbie. I don't know why he never told me about them when he first heard them because I was kind of bummed that it had taken me this long to hear them. I was informed about them right around the time when Pipe Dreams came out. I could not stop playing this album for a good while. Super mellow and dreamy sounding. Just the kind of thing I needed at the time. Great night time driving album. I guess this is considered shoe-gaze...first band in that genre that I can listen to! An ex-member of DeafHeaven is the brains behind the band. He left DeafHeaven to focus on Whirr. Hope that means they'll have a new album sooner than later!

Santigold - Maker Of My Make-Believe

HOLY SHIT. That's all I can say. This album caught me by surprise. My girlfriend randomly played me a song off this album not knowing that I had no idea that she had released a new album. I was in the dark forever! Her first album was amazing. This one as well. Santigold is the kind of artist that can take a grab bag of different kinds of songs and make a cohesive album that's totally her. It's just all over the place stylistically and so perfect! Definitely going to be using a song off this album in my new skate video. I wanted so bad to use a song of hers in Skate Movie...time time it's going down.

Chelsea Wolfe - Unknown Rooms

Saw Chelsea Wolfe a handful of times last year. Always a good time. This release, although it may not be her new full length, is a good thing to have come out before what I'm sure will be a 10/10 full on new record. Everything she's done is amazing. Would also love to include something of hers in a skate video. Such dark, evil sounding stuff. This album strays a bit from the sounds you can usually associate her with. It's a nice twist. Saw her preform most of this album live at Amoeba last year right around the time this album dropped. If you haven't heard her you are missing out on some insane ear candy. This may not be the place to start if you're new to her music, but it's a solid album.

Old Man Gloom - NO's only been 8 years since Christmas came out. Only. This is for sure Old Man Gloom's best record. Freaking hell did this one hit like a bag of bricks. So fucking heavy and pissed off as can be. Got to love it! Had the pleasure of seeing them play last year and it was quite a night. Who knows how long it had been since they had done a string of live shows. When you have a band full of members of such successful heavy bands you always know that the side project is going to be on the side burner. But god damn! This band needs to play and record more. This could very well have been the heavy album of the year as far as I'm concerned. This is how it should be done. Lots of bands need to take note here. 

That pretty much sums up what this year has been like as far as music is concerned. These albums got more play than anything else obviously. There were other good releases over the year but without a doubt if you are into good "non mainstream" music (with the exception of maybe Santigold and Best Coast...because they're fairly well known) you will give these all a spin if you haven't already.

Been working on a lot of shooting lately. Hoping that this year will mean a lot more photo ops, and lots of filming to be done. The trailer for my new skate video LYSSOPHOBIA is going to be dropping in a month or so and I am very excited to be putting that out because it's about damn time. The project has already become way bigger than I had expected it to be. Originally was only going to be 2 peeps. Now it's at 5. Keep your eyes peeled. It's no Skate Movie 2, but it's going to be a good time. A new batch of people (Adam Bertolet made the jump from Skate Movie to this project) and a new format. The VX has been laid to rest. Stoked for what 2013 holds. Next post wil be a bunch of photos. Laterzzzzz.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloweenie!

I'm about to leave tomorrow for a few days so I figure it's a good time to post a few photos and stuff before heading out because otherwise who knows when I'll post again.

Lately I've been working with Signal Snowboards at home during the nights. Doing some "moonlighting" as they say. I'm currently editing a mini series that was shot last winter with my pal Jake Olsen-Elm. I'm very stoked to be a part of this. Especially because it's something that has to do with Jake OE! I'll hopefully be posting once the things are done and wrapped up. I'm almost there, just gotta get back from this trip to Louisiana to go see the Southern Belle and then it's on! Excited for things to say the least!

In music news. Lots of good new releases have dropped! Listen to these recent releases:

Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind
Hostage Calm - Please Remain CalmPig Destroyer - Book Burner
Absrvdist - Illusiory
Chelsea Wolfe - Unknown Rooms
Crystal Castles - III (comes out in 2 weeks!!!!)

The two new Crystal Castles songs are amazing. Make sure to check those out and the other releases. I remember thinking about how I hadn't noticed too many note worthy albums coming out this year (by my tastes) and in the last 2 months how things have changed. Lots of good stuff everyone!

Here's some photos:

Adam Bertolet sliding a crailer.

Nate blasting a fat ass ollie.

Girlfriend list with a bike light!

Moose right before Josh Chambers' video premiere in Simi Valley.

Bern Iseli curb slab to curb cut impossible.

Justin Martinez...DEAN OF LSU.

Mah boi, BIG MEETCH!

Shawn Hale backside noseblunt on the extension.

That is all for now. Go hope you enjoyed the flicks. As you can tell I've been shooting a lot more skating as of late. What fun it can be. I've only been doing it for a few months now really, but I feel just as giddy and excited to shoot as I did when I was younger and first starting to film and stuff. I have a lot to learn but I am enjoying doing it. What a whole other world though...geez! More soon! Be safe out there for Halloween everyone.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


There's a lot to write about. I don't feel like writing though.

The Faceless has dropped a new album that you should all check out. It's amazing.
Old Man Gloom played an insane show this past Monday. Listen to their newest album "NO" immediately. It's heavy, dark, and pissed.
There is a new Pig Destroyer album that is going to be released soon.
Minus The Bear also released a new album!
I have been filming a lot with Dylan Witkin and Adam Bertolet and am stoked to get back into the thick of editing the trailer for my new video Lyssophobia.
Most of the above was about music...just realized :0

I have been shooting a lot of photos lately. Actually...maybe I haven't it just seems like I have because it has been so long since I have posted. Well that's about to change now. Time to unload some photographz.

Uncle Louie.

Ryan Reyes hotel room sappin.

My magical babe.

Dylan Witkin. Back tail in Cayucos, CA.

Ty Hjortland. Nosepick grind in Cayucos, CA.

Dad and Pedro challin' up in Watsonville, CA.

Transworld photographer Seu Trihn during a visit at The Fantasy Factory

3 generations of Valdez women.

Mel Belle!

Jake Schroeder.

I think I'm all out for now. I need to go re-up on some more photographz now after this. That means no post for months again? Yeah, probably! Be safe and listen to more Cave In.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Wuzzup? Anything good on Netflix?

Got back from Glendale, Arizona yesterday. It's crazy how good it felt to step out of the car when we got back and feel a cool breeze. The little things in life sometimes are the best. Got to meet a great bunch of people out there and am stoked to have had a great time.

My girlfriend was just here visiting me right before I left for AZ and I feel like I haven't been able to catch up to life since she left because this trip was right around the corner once she departed. Having her here was great though. I always get so pumped on shooting photos when she's here and there after. I had the opportunity to shoot a bunch of rad photos while she was here and also got to go out and do some super fun stuff. HURRY!

While Melinda was here I discovered that a new Best Coast album had come out. If you haven't heard the album, titled "The Only Place," then you need to listen to it ASAP. There is tons of feel good jams. Well...they may feel good but most of the lyrics are definitely not about feeling good, per se. I won't try to sell you on it anymore because all that needs to be said is GO LISTEN TO IT. Another great album that recently dropped is Old Man Gloom's newest opus simply titled "NO." Heavy and pissed off as fuck. It's one of those albums that fans had silently been waiting for for years and then all of a sudden it was just kind of here. I think it's been about 5 years since they released their last album "Christmas." If you're a huge fan of Cave In, like myself, it was hard to avoid listening/getting into this band. This album is by far their best and it has a lot to offer to fans of Cave In, Converge, and Isis.

Photo time.

Blue babe.

Birds :> (Shot by my roommate Patrick)


Malibu : Round 2 (Shot by Derek Rydquist).

Clay Gabor : Desert Millz.

Gabriel Summers : Aussie Cunt. Glendale, AZ.


Ryan Reyes : 8AM beverage.

I put the flashes/camera down for a bit photo wise but I am slowly starting to use them again. All the above photos, minus the Malibu one and the last one of Ryan, were shot with the flashes. I don't really know what I am doing here so I know these photos are probably technically not being light the "proper" way (if there is sucha thing)...but either way I am enjoying capturing a second in time/life with these puppies.

Lastly, today is half a year together with my girlfriend Melinda. Thanks for being there. Thanks for being you. Beebzland <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


As usual, a lot has happened since the last time I posted. Not really feeling like going over any and every detail, but some cool stuff has gone down for sure. Let's see what can be brought to the attention of these letter pecking extremities of mine.

The most recent of these being the fact that just last night I found out that Adam Bertolet is in the new Thrasher. Tork Trucks (Nick Zizzo's favorite truck company of all time/in all the universe) gave The Champ an ad. Plus, Brad Burt shot the photo. Double stoke!

Congrats Adam!

In other related news, Adam and I will once again be working on a new video part. Joining Adam is powerhouse Dylan Witkin who will also be having a full part. A part in what you ask? Well, my new skate video has been title "LYSSOPHOBIA." Dylan and Adam are slated to have full parts at the moment and the rest of the video will be comprised of one (or two) homie montages. I'm not trying to make another video with 7 full parts in it again. I'd love to be able to do that again, but maintaining a full time job and trying to film with 7 or so people with the little free time/days off that I have is just so damn hard. I have been in communication with 2 people thus far who have expressed interest in wanting to be in the video. I will not say who at the moment, but it's too people that I am very happy to hear want to be a part of it. Unfortunately, both of them dont' live in California anymore so time will tell if we can make this happen.

The LYSSOPHOBIA trailer is somewhat assembled at this point and a few select people have seen what I have so far. The general consensus is that it doesn't even look like it's a skate video until the end. Pretty much what I was going for. I had to take a break from that whole editing process for a bit, but I will for sure be putting the trailer out as soon as I am happy with where it stands. I plan on giving the guys about 9 months to film from this point. It will be an all HD homie video that focuses on NOT trying to be the gnarliest, be all, end all of skate videos. I just want to make a video that the dudes in it are happy with, looks cool, has a fun vibe, that we all enjoy going out to film for. Enough said.

Aside from this I have been working on an edit for Flip and The Skateboard Mag in my free time. I actually finished color correcting it last night and am ready to hand it over. Look out for that to drop in the next month or so.

We had a solar eclipse a few days ago that made the world look like the sun was beaming down on us through some diffusion and an ND filter. My neighborhood looked so insanely muted because of it. It was crazy, and kind of eerie. My mind went off thinking about how our Sun, basically the thing that makes life here on Earth possible, can be obstructed. Maybe not in a physical sense because nothing was actually happening to it as the eclipse was happening, but the moon was able to block it out and alter how it affects us / we see it. Crazy when you think about it. Like...when you REALLY think about it. At the time I was having thoughts that I could barely wrap my head around, but made sense. In a way, the Sun was made a lot more mortal for me that day. One day it will burn out and destroy our planet as it goes. Until goes on.

Here's some new photos:

Tiger <3

Derek and Tails.


The Babe in Big Sur.

The Babe in Big Sur 2.

This is the first skate photo I've ever shot with flashes. Brad Burt getting his lip on.

My first photo with flashes, period. My co-worker Tracy at The Fantasy Factory.

Hoping to do a lot more shooting with my two flashes, and plan on building arsenal of stuff to shoot with as well. Very excited to be able to control lighting a little bit more with what I have so far. That is all for now. Bye.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


We're in the thick of "The Madness"'s your brackets? I can tell you this...yours ain't got nothing on my bracket. Believe.

Last week at work we dropped a teaser type video for this years Street League. It's my first thing that has the seen the light of the internet. The other stuff being clips for marketing meetings, arena jumbotrons and the such. Here's the clip:

Peep it!

It feels good to be working full time again. It was almost a full year since the last time I had a full time gig. Makes you appreciate the free time that you do have a lot more. And makes you really think about who you want to spend that time with. Remember people: it's not where you are, it's who you're with.

I recently went to Louisiana and spent some time with my girlfriend out there. Had an extended weekend stay out there during one of the more hectic times here at my new job. It was so crazy because I had a deadline to meet just 2 days after I was to return and I ended up missing my flight. Last flight out of New Orleans headed to LA. Got there 10 minutes before departure. Burly.

I ended up having to stay in New Orleans that night. The upside was that I got to spend a little more time with my girlfriend. Downside was that I had to wake up at 3:45AM and be at the airport at 4:30AM to make sure I was the first person there to be put on standby. I had a for sure flight out of New Orleans at 6:30AM to Denver. But from Denver to LA was iffy. Sold out flight! I wouldn't know what was going to happen until I got there. I was a nervous, tired wreck. I had to say goodbye to my girlfriend and watch her cab drive away, then hop on a plane heading to an indefinite end. Once arriving I went directly to the booth at my gate and they told me they couldn't give me a yes or no answer whether I was going to get on the flight. I sat around for an hour and a half and then I heard my name called over the intercom. They had an answer for me. I steadily rushed the booth and they informed me that I was the first person on the list for standby and they handed me a boarding pass. Success! If I hadn't gotten to the airport at 4:30AM in New Orleans when they opened there would have been a good chance I would not have made it.

My good friend Bradley Burt not only dropped me off at the airport, but he picked me up as well when I got in at 10:45. Landed. Went home. Went to work. Probably one of the longest days of my life, no joke. Three days felt like one. I somehow made it to work before noon, and then proceeded to work my ass off until almost 10:00PM. The result is the video above! The one thing I am super bummed on is the fact that I did not shoot many photos while in Louisiana. I had my DSLR and a polaroid as well. I snapped off what I could, but looking back I really wish I had shot more. I had a great time. Got to meet my girlfriends friends, family, and also went on a rad canoeing / camping trip...what more could you ask for? Other than that I've just been skating, reading, challing, and watching Walking Dead. Boo-yeah! I have a bunch of random photos laying about so it's time to post some goodies. 

This here is Alex Moul. Shot this photo of him out in some ditch in Palos Verdes.

I miss these two and the 2HH days :( This is Mia and Laban at Chris Lambert's wedding.

Shot this photo in the RV on the way back to LA from Las Vegas on The Passion Trip. Lizard King sleeps as a joint slowly burns away to the ticking of the trips clock.

Good homie Derek's band Bereft played a show in Silver Lake not too long ago. Got to finally hear/see them. This is a photo of their guitar player Sacha (also in Intronaut).

This is Babs and Nick just off the Tangipoah River after canoeing for 2 days.

R. Jack | P. Melch

Brad Burt shot this photo of me last Sunday at a spot I'd wanted to skate for a while.

The babe.

This pathway is on the side of Melinda's friend Morgan's house in Baton Rouge. This was the day that I left. It was a gloomy day in more ways than one.

This is Melinda looking out a window that faces the tree in the photo above. It reminds me of a photo you'd see in Wolves In The Throne Room album art? -.-

Til death do you part. KEEP SLAMMING!

Got some color. Got some black and white. Got some peeps and some things. I'd say that about wraps it up for now. I'm about to head home from work and am gonna make some jumbalaya with one of my roommates...Y'ALL! Going up to Santa Barbara Saturday night to hang and skate on Sunday. STOKED! Looking forward to some good times on and off the board, filming, photo shooting, and all around chaaaalling!